Success is infectious!

Excited by the success of BrightLights Learning Lab at Shirinda, and the most recently Itemoheng Primary School, BrightLights already has a waiting list of schools eager to be part of the BrightLights radius.

BrightLights is keen to partner with corporations who have a mandate to invest their CSR/CSI funds in education especially in the areas of STEM. With the help of these CSR/CSI funds it hopes to continue to expand in more schools across Johannesburg.

Student enrollment as of August 2017

Organizations can participate with BrightLights in various ways 



Education is a long term investment and relies on consistent and stable funding.  Any BrightLights Learning Lab starts with a minimum 5 year commitment from the sponsor payable as a lump sum or on an annual basis.

Typically it costs ZAR 4500 per station to set up (this may be higher or lower dependent on refurbishments vs all new technology).  Expenses will shift from setup phase to an annual running costs of ZAR 300-600 per student, depending on the minimum number of students accessing the lab.

100% of investment goes towards operating the BrightLights Learning Lab 


Companies may also consider completely providing for the digital requirements for a Lab such as Chromebooks, headphones, and/or wi-fi and internet connectivity.  As BrightLights expands it will consolidate and optimize its spend on internet connectivity and will open a sponsorship for a single provider for all its labs.

BrightLights operates with minimal overheads and in an ethical transparent manner.   

BrightLights Lab facilitators continue to receive training and support on all software used in order to facilitate the best possible outcomes for the learners.
Sponsors will given a detailed breakdown of anticipated expenses for their school at the signing of MoU. Thereafter they will have access to their financial statements on a quarterly basis.
All donations to BrightLights are tax deductable. BrightLights is currently an approved NPO as per the Department of Social Development. Brightlights is certified under section 18(a) from SARS and can issue donor certificates accordingly.
BrightLights finances are audited anually and sponsors will have access to their schools audited financial reports on an annual basis.
BrightLights establishes digital learning labs in underserved communities of South Africa. It hires from the community and works in close cooperation with classroom teachers to ensure the student has continuity and support.
BrighLights Learning Labs are run by BrightLight facilitators who report both to BrightLights as well as the management of the school
BrightLights Learning Labs are established after extensive vetting and with the approval and support of the School Governing Board, school management, and local department of Education representatives to ensure community has a stake in the success of the labs.
Monthly reporting and calibration of progress